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Compensation Resources

To stay highly competitive, you need compensation solutions that help you attract, retain and reward the caliber of employees who best support your business.

Compensation Resources (CR), an EisnerAmper Company, has specialized in helping companies achieve their goals by providing unique, comprehensive compensation and human resource consulting with a three-pronged approach.

As a FACILITATOR, we help clients to identify what they wish to achieve through their compensation programs.

As an EDUCATOR, we provide an expert, comprehensive understanding of issues and alternatives and how they affect the company’s market competitiveness.

As a PARTNER, we help clients maximize their resources to most effectively use and successfully implement programs we help them develop.

We have extensive experience working within banking, not-for-profit, manufacturing, insurance, health care, retail, real estate, professional service industries and more. We serve companies of all sizes from emerging to mid-sized companies, as well as Fortune 500 corporations. Our experienced professionals will provide actionable advice that will help your company achieve its short- and long-term business goals. 

Our services include:

Executive Compensation

Today’s shareholders demand a stronger correlation between executive performance, pay and increased shareholder value. Properly structured executive pay packages—comprised of base salary, variable compensation and deferred compensation—will help an organization achieve the basic objectives of compensation: to attract, retain, focus and motivate employees, as well as satisfy the stakeholders.

Base Pay Administration

Base pay impacts other components of compensation, such as incentive awards and other benefits, and establishes internal hierarchy. Evaluating externally competitive and internally equitable base pay levels for employees begins by determining a compensation philosophy that is linked to the culture, strategy and market positioning organization. CR designs base pay management programs by using a systematic process that addresses the unique attributes of each company. We provide practical, best-fit solutions to each of our clients, with no “off the shelf” deliverables.  

Performance Management

In order to create a pay-for-performance culture, a company must be able to consistently define appropriate performance goals, measure them effectively, and communicate them clearly.  Aligning performance goals across functional areas of an organization is a common challenge for many companies. Engaging in meaningful fact-finding exercises, CR can apply its business acumen to its creative design of performance metrics.

Incentive Compensation

Incentive pay provides additional compensation to individuals based on targeted performance goals and can be delivered through many different vehicles:

  • Annual bonus
  • Spot bonus
  • Long-term incentive
    • Restricted stock
    • Phantom stock
    • Performance shares or units
      • Not-for-Profit
      • 403(b) or (f)
  • Sales Compensation
    • Commission
      • Monthly
      • Quarterly
      • Annually

Board Member Compensation

As a result of Sarbanes-Oxley legislation and SEC changes to proxy disclosure rules, boards, committees and top management are searching for the right answers for their compensation programs. Today, there is a spotlight on good governance. CR can assist your board by ensuring that the plans it develops today do not become problems tomorrow. A properly structured board compensation package can provide board members with pay that creates an effective link between themselves, executives and stakeholders.

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Mary A. Rizzuti

Mary Rizzuti is a Partner with Eisner Advisory Group LLC and the Practice Leader of Compensation Resources.

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