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Center for Transformation

Each and every day, our clients must consider how to keep their businesses relevant, competitive and successful. 

What are you thinking about? Are you developing the next big thing? Capitalizing on emerging technologies? Is it possible you’re overwhelmed by digital disruption?

The EisnerAmper Center for Transformation is comprised of industry experts who are dedicated to addressing the increasingly complex issues clients are facing. Our clients rely on us, as business advisors, for more than traditional tax and accounting services. We stay on top of the changes impacting your business – from changes in technology and their applications to state and local, national, and international regulations

In concert with our other service teams, we work with you to determine advantageous financial, operational, and strategic approaches to respond to the dynamic ecosystem in which you operate.

The Center’s experts provide us greater insight to the technology that impacts the financial ecosystem:

  • Industry-specific applications of distributed ledger technology (“DLT”)/blockchain
  • Emerging security issues and solutions for DLT
  • Digital assets, including digital currencies, STOs, and ICOs
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges, trading platforms, and custody solutions
  • Token financing structures

In addition, our relationships help you gain exposure to influencers, potential customers, and press in thought leadership pieces, at events, in the media, and through personal introductions.

If you’re still just trying to absorb everything going on, our articles, podcasts, and events will help you stay up-to-date. We can help you decide if you should accept payments or donations in Bitcoin -- and, we’re available to just sit down and discuss what it all means for you.

If you’re ready for change, evolution, transformation, or to make your mark on the world, our advisors are available work through it with you and ensure you succeed.

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Jay Weinstein

Jay Weinstein CPA is the Vice Chair - Industries and Markets, and a member of the firm's Executive Committee, executing business strategies and identifying emerging opportunities. Jay is a member of AICPA and PA Institute of CPAs.

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