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Audit and Assurance

For public and private companies, audit and assurance services are one of most fundamental actions companies can take to provide key stakeholders such as business owners, executives, board directors and investors with the necessary level of confidence in the financial information they need to carry out their responsibilities.

EisnerAmper’s Audit & Assurance practice group offers organizations the specialized audit expertise needed to provide this level of confidence and help identify and address current challenges, positioning them for tomorrow’s opportunities. We work with enterprises of all sizes, across all industries, and inclusive of all business structures – public companies as well as private or closely-held companies. Our group’s services are configured into 4 major categories:

Private Companies

CEOs and CFOs of private or closely held businesses engage us for audit, tax, employee benefit, and advisory services, to help owners manage their business. We work with companies at all life cycle stages, tailoring our focus and related services to their changing needs – whether their objectives  be securing financing, making informed management decisions, responding effectively to competitive challenges, or preparing for the future. We believe that our commitment to the highest standards of quality and the importance of our own reputation ensure that our work product provides immediate credibility to interested parties such as bankers, potential investors and all stakeholders.

Public Companies

U.S. public companies, their executives and advisors operate in a regulated environment in which they face complex and ever changing requirements that call for expert support. EisnerAmper is a PCAOB-registered firm that provides support to our publicly traded companies across a vast array of services including audit, tax advisory, internal audit, SEC accounting and reporting, forensic investigation, 11K pension audits, and litigation support. Clients who engage us for internal audit access our Sarbanes Oxley (section 404) and internal controls expertise. Our external audit clients benefit from working with experienced professionals that understand the importance of anticipating and planning as opposed to simply reacting, thus identifying areas of potential concern as early in the process as possible. For both internal and external audit services, EisnerAmper’s approach is designed to distill insight that will support the oversight responsibilities of managements, board audit committees and individual board directors. We also work with private companies and entities considering IPOs, and are one of the nation’s largest providers of professional accounting and audit services to SEC registrants.

Royalty Audit and Contract Compliance

The protection of valuable Intellectual Property assets, including copyrights, trademarks, patents and brands, is a year-round activity with material stakes. Whether discrepancies stem from poor systems, processes and controls, mistakes, personnel turnover, contractual misinterpretations or aggressive deductions, EisnerAmper’s Royalty Audit and Contract Compliance Group can help. Our clients are licensors across a variety of industries around the world, as well as universities and research institutes. We work with entities of all sizes seeking compliance with agreements and fair and accurate dispensation.

Technical Accounting Advisory Services

EisnerAmper’ s Technical Accounting Advisory Services professionals provide our clients with the technical expertise and insight they require on an as-needed basis, so they can navigate a complex accounting environment without adding additional staff resources. Our transaction support services help guide non-attest clients with complex transactions such as merger and acquisition engagements, divestitures, technical white papers, financial reporting and implementation, restatements, regulatory response, implementation of new standards such as ASC 606, complicated market transactions and IPO readiness assessments/support.

Audit and assurance services are provided by EisnerAmper LLP.

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Matthew Maulbeck

Managing Partner at and Executive Committee member at EisnerAmper LLP. Has accounting, financial reporting and auditing expertise with public and private companies in the financial services, real estate, retail and pharmaceutical industries, including SEC rules and regulations and reviewing SEC filings.

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